Self Defense (Ho Sin Sul)

Two handed wrist grab 

Attacker steps in and grabs opponent’s wrists
Defender steps back on either leg and turns wrists against thumbs of attacker.

Two handed lapel grab

Attacker steps in with either leg and grabs lapel with two hands. 

3 ways to defend:

  • Defender claps hands up through attackers hands aNd breaks off to side.
  • Defender moves one hand over arm of attacker and claps hands on other side of attacker’s other arm to break hold slapping near wrists
  • Defender using both hands makes sudo chopping motion above inner elbows of attacker.

Front choke hold

Attacker steps in and grabs opponent with both hands on throat. 

Defender can use defensive moves from two handed lapel grab or put thumbs on back of attacker’s grab while turning hands against thumbs.

Hair grab from front

Attacker steps in and grabs hair of opponent with one hand. 

Defender steps back while smashing hand of attacker on head and turns attacker’s hand against the thumb to remove.  (may add a kick to side or elbow hit to head, etc).

Rear choke hold

Attacker steps in and grabs opponent with both hands at the neck from behind.
Defender steps with right leg and upper body turns left with left arm smashing down on attackers arms breaking grab.  May follow with shovel punch or punch to head, etc.  *** may complete with the opposite leg and arm. 

One arm head grab 

Attacker grabs head of opponent with one arm (choke hold).. 

Defender uses his own arm closest to the attacker and brings arm in middle of grab (not on shoulder of attacker …remind that he’s not your buddy!)  and puts hand under chin or nose or on eyes or grabs hair and lifts up to pull attacker straight down to floor.  


Bear hug

Attacker grabs from behind with both arms around opponent’s arms. 

Defender can use various or all techniques to defend:

  • Elbow attacker in stomach
  • Step on attacker’s foot
  • Grab hands of attacker and move against thumb
  • Back head butt, as a last resort
  • Drop dead weight to the ground to break hold and get up to run away.