Welcome …

to a sport that challenges you both mentally and physically 


The study of karate helps tune mental focus, reduces stress, and strengthens discipline. Physical benefits include improved reflexes and coordination, increased strength and stamina, increased flexibility and balance, and improved cardiovascular performance. Simply put, karate tones mind and body.


This style of Karate is Tang Soo Do which is based upon the Korean Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do.  The goal of the teachings of Tang Soo Do is for every student to achieve greater self-worth. This art promotes physical fitness through the teachings of hyungs (also known as karate forms), self-defense, breaking, sparring, and weapons. This truly is a wonderful sport that builds character while promoting physical and mental health.


At Colebrook Karate, you learn techniques and skills that challenge you as an individual.  Karate truly is an inspiring activity that will keep you wanting more, especially as you move up in rank status.  At Colebrook Karate, we believe that all that matters is that you try.






Karate will start on October 3rd at Colebrook School. All classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. All waivers and payments must be received prior to first class. No exceptions!



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